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Aid to
save lives.

Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine has killed thousands of innocent people and disrupted the lives of millions.

Everyday heroes from around the world are volunteering to help, often at great personal risk.

Ripley’s Heroes is an organization founded to support those who have risen to protect the innocent.

Dr Erin Rawlings

Dr. Erin Felger
March 2022


Dr. Erin Felger
March 2022

What We Do

Recent Examples of Your Donations in Action


Medical supplies delivered to Task Force Baguette to support their mission, May 2022.


Purchase, refit and deliver vehicles needed to transport teams including the Ukrainian Infantry Battalion, Task Force Baguette, and the Ukrainian Legion Unit, May 2022.


Night Vision and Thermal Optics provided to the Ukrainian Legion Unit and the Foreign Services Unit, May 2022.

Surgical Sponsorship

Travel and lodging expenses for Dr. Elizabeth to perform surgeries in Kyiv, May 2022.

What We Do NOT Do


We do NOT use any funds to purchase arms or lethal weapons.


We do NOT acquire or provide ammunition for any type of weaponry.

Donations to Date

As of May 15, 2022 we have received over $250,000 from more than 3,000 generous donors residing in 54 different countries. These funds have been spent as follows:

protective gear
0 %
vehicles and travel
0 %
medical supplies
0 %
miscellaneous equipment and administrative costs
0 %

Please Donate Now

Help Ripley’s Heroes with any amount you are able to donate.